The Root of Violence Is Separation

First of all, the root of violence is separation – separation from the other and the Other. It is, simply put, an illusion – the greatest illusion of all: the illusion of separation… the root of all evil.

The Illusion

That illusion is the source of all violent behavior… it is fear of the most horrible kind… the raw sense of desperation that arises from believing that we are nothing but an accident of matter: meaningless in a meaningless universe consisting only of matter devoid of consciousness, and, therefore, conscience.

Did that get your attention? Yes? Good! Because I meant it to. I invite you to stay with your thoughts and feelings and share them so that we all may learn. I would offer you that you are free of a tragic human conditioning and that you remember who we really are.

Did it not get your attention? Not so good! As a result, I invite you to direct your attention to its implications for the persistent violence we see growing exponentially throughout both the “civilized” and “uncivilized” world. I invite you to pay attention to the absence of feeling and consider the harm that comes from making that choice. I would offer you that you have been conditioned by a tragic human conditioning several thousand years old, and you have forgotten who we really are.

In addition, I invite all of you to stay with me now while we explore both matter and consciousness at a useful and functional level. I am not about to claim any special “understanding” of the whole Mystery. However, my take on it since I was very young is that it is all part of a single Mystery that goes by thousands of names. So, for now, I ask you to choose your own name for the Source of the Mystery while we explore the implications of the coexistence of matter and consciousness.

Two Creation Accounts

Let us now look at the historical biblical accounts of creation, for which there are two stories: one of Earth and Sky (Heaven), and the other of Consciousness (the Word). (If you think I am taking liberties with these words, I freely admit that I am. When I look back at the stories behind the words, I find them there then when the stories were first told. They are still here in the creation stories from around the world.) I appreciate the stories for where they have taken me over the last 82 years: into a rich appreciation of the coexistence of dimensioned, finite, space–time matter; dimensionless, infinite consciousness; and the immeasurable, indefinable, unnameable Spirit that manifests itself in both of them.

Furthermore, there is a duality of the universe that I find to be wonderfully beautiful. Through our ability to observe and measure, we have found that we live in an expanding universe, the origin of which appeared as a “point of light within the mind of God” (cf. Alice Bailey, 1945, The Great Invocation) that astronomers have been able to determine first appeared nearly 14 billion years ago—the Big Bang.

Our great curiosity

It has led us to study the nature of matter, where we found information exchange between subatomic particles that was beyond space and time. I consider that to be a description of consciousness. I have found over time well-done studies and stories of the dimensionless nature of consciousness. I have come to appreciate the second phrase from Alice Bailey, “let light stream forth into human minds,” as an invitation to participate in the workings of the unnameable Spirit.

Spirit’s Choice

How and why did Spirit choose to manifest itself in matter? A spiritual consciousness that I am aware of and with which I synch is that in the realm of matter the evolving Source experiences Its own evolution. It does so through what might be called “individual” manifestations of its spiritual self called “souls”. Consider that the soul is a “light being” that has existed since the beginning of time. Consider the implications of this… we are immortal beings incarnate in human animal bodies.[1]

It appears to me, and I am sure it does to you, that there is a separation between matter and consciousness/Spirit. It is as if Spirit has drawn a veil between matter and consciousness. Why? To a less mature mind, the absence of that veil would have drastic psychotic consequences in the material realm. It appears that today, as we mature continuously, the veil is thinning.

I am aware, as I am sure that you are, that the entire world is experiencing great confusion and fear. This is a symptom of a fundamental shift in civilization: the death of the old one and the impending birth of the new. We are on the threshold of leaving the old civilization based on control and hierarchy—fear—in order to build a new civilization based on kindness, caring, compassion, creativity, support, respect—love.

In short, we are all One with the Source, living in perfect relationship to It and everything in It.

Our choice

Finally, give yourself permission to be an essential part of the creation of a new civilization that involves the entire world. Look at the incredible resistance to such a possibility… meaningless insane behavior. Isn’t this madness—this chaos—speaking to the probability that this is really a spiritual metamorphosis? Consider that the veil between matter and consciousness is really thinning and we can see how beautiful they are. Now please consider the personal and collective benefits of creating that new civilization. Ask yourself what role you can play in that metamorphosis… like being a caterpillar and becoming a butterfly. Most of all, know this: you have been given all of the resources you need to be able to fulfill that role.

Come join the winning side…!


[1] Returning to Our Source for Answers. Nancy L Danison (October 1, 2007)

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  • Amy Kustra Barksdale October 28, 2015, 1:25 am

    Beautiful, thought provoking and inspiring post. I especially liked considering the soul as being a ‘light being’ that has existed since the beginning of time. Lovely to ponder that.

  • Joyce W February 15, 2016, 1:54 pm

    Humanity has been hearing this over*over for millennium, yet even with all this enlightenment we continue to speak of a god as a thing {with imagination to boot}. Einstein tried to prove the energy of life in relation to all things. Apparently we haven’t evolved enough to realize our arrogance, to control thought, by still acknowledging it as (a) god?!? Subconscious awareness is the future anyway.

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