Purification Time, an old Prophecy Coming True… but how?

It’s all about remembering what we had forgotten

I would like to start by introducing you to something about me that I suspect I share with a great many people, but that we seldom talk about. Before I had lived in this lifetime for five years, I knew that that which I grew up calling “God” loved me because it is love, and the story about God in the Garden of Eden could not be true. I knew that the loving God would never punish its children in the way stated in the legend. I had this thought as I was listening to my grandmother read me Genesis 3, which was part of the weekly Sunday morning scriptural lesson in her household. The thought stayed with me, guiding me through my life from its background over the next 75–odd years.

This thought matured into a “knowing” when I was given a copy of Nick Herbert’s 1985 book, Quantum Reality. In it, I discovered that my universe had a beginning and that consciousness is a fundamental property of matter. This led me to an appreciation that I have been promised my life since the beginning of time, nearly 14 billion years ago!

I found that sharing that idea with people in my H.O.P.E. Groups helps them begin to see themselves differently – to be of greater value to self and others. To put it simply, I began to look at all of my knowing as, in fact, a “remembering”. Indeed, what I am about to pursue with you are the implications of a tragic “forgetting” that has led us into a disastrous situation… a situation that, fortunately, is reversible. The process has its name – Purification.

We Are Immortal

Before we explore the concept of “Purification,” I want to go a step further: We live in an expanding Universe which began as a point of light that comprised both matter and consciousness. As revolutionary as this may sound, the evidence for it is solid: we’ve found that the Universe is expanding from a beginning instant, and subatomic particles share information about each other as if time and space do not exist. (I invite you to visit these phenomena with the help of Google and all encyclopedias, like I did… yes, they are proven theories!)

Peter Kingsley, PhD historian, a passionate devotee of the really ancient (pre-socratic) Greeks, makes the simple statement of our immortality in his rich work, “Reality” . Kingsley opens his last book, A Story Waiting to Pierce You, with a two-sentence quote from the Hopi Elder, Thomas Banyacya, that come from the following quote from a 1990 Beyond Words publication, WISDOMKEEPERS:

“If you don’t stop what you’re doing, Nature will intervene. Other forces far beyond your control will come into play. The last stages are here now…. Our Prophecies tell us in the last stages the White Man will steal our lands. It’s all happening now. We pray and meditate and ask the Great Spirit to keep the world together a while longer. But it’s coming. The Purifiers are coming.”

I would add that there is a growing cadre of humans who are in communication with Great Spirit working to hold the world together. Please add your prayers to theirs. Thank you.

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