We are evolving… so where are we going?

The chaos of our time

The chaotic time into which we have plunged is not unknown in our history on this Earth. It is the sign that we are evolving. The tragic insanity of two huge “World” wars in the last century screams the suffering of this chaos. Are we sitting on the edge of a vast precipice doomed to fall into it and repeat that suffering? I don’t think so; rather, I have a strong sense that another story unfolds that bridges the chasm: the story of an evolution we are challenged to imagine: We are evolving… so where are we going?
We certainly cannot go back to the time of World War II when our industry and the resources which made that industry possible produced incredible weapons of war. We have exported our heavy industries, and we have come perilously close to exhausting the energy resources that fed the war industries. Furthermore, we are poisoning the atmosphere with the carbon waste of running those industries. Can we go back? No, we cannot….

The old industrial way

The old industrial way demanded of us that we become consumers of those resources. We became addicted to the idea of this form of consumption. (Ironically, consumption is an old name for galloping tuberculosis, a life – threatening infection of the lungs and the spine!) There is a mindset in our country, which is attached to the idea that we all become consumers of the products of the industries that we have exported. No, my friends, it is time to let go of that old image of consumption and consumers and consider the implications of becoming creative producers of thought and action on a very different scale: service to each other, to the earth, and to the universe!

Our evolving Universe

I have previously shared in http://hopehealing.org/i-know-something-about-you/ what I know of the evidence that we exist in an evolving universe that first lit its fires some 13.7 billion years ago. We know that that fire is not only a creative fire that created you and me and every star and galaxy that we can see in the night sky, and then some; it is a conscious fire that is fully aware of itself and totally committed and devoted to becoming itself. I go so far as to say it created us as holographic fragments of itself to help it in its evolution. I know that I share this perception with many. Yes, we are evolving… so where are we going?

Holographic fragments of the Whole

The Creator has created over 300 million of us Americans, every one of whom is a holographic fragment of that Source! Yes, even the most tragic as well as the most famous of us all! Together, we create a dynamic tension of opposites, which we know, today, is the only creative power possible…. I appeal to all of you, my fellow Americans, to go into the silence of your homes, into your places of religious practice, into your prisons, into your businesses, into your hospitals and nursing homes, and spend time exploring this whole idea that we are not here by accident, but are here as a result of Divine Intention to help that Divine Intention – which created the Universe – continue in that mysterious, wondrous and miraculous phenomenon called Life.


I simply offer you my 40-year experience with helping my patients “get on with their lives”. That second-year medical school instruction empowered my career in general surgery. My patients helped me learn these gems: we can choose an attitude of kindness; choose a function of compassion; and choose the creative energy of the universe called Love. Please look critically and favorably on the tension that we have just experienced around electing a person desperately looking to be loved to be our president. Let us give ourselves permission to see that this is not an accident. It is not anybody’s fault. It is, however, a great opportunity to experience the creative tension that makes the universe run.
We Americans are, individually and collectively, citizens of the most ethnically diverse nation in the world. We, like humans the world over, are uniformly and universally creative. Let us commit ourselves to joining now in our creativity to help the world heal, a process that can most certainly involve all 300 million of us Americans to help build that bridge of Love across the yawning chasm of fear. In crossing it, we can find pause to rest with Kindness, Compassion, Evolution, Unity, Courtesy, Respect, Justice, Creativity, Care, Respect, and Peace. We are evolving creatures in the wonderful and beautiful evolving Universe… the product of one Divine Imagination.

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  • Tally Decato February 12, 2017, 9:24 pm

    I would add love for you can love a person but not his activity etc. You can love a person who not only doesn’t agree with you but also derides you.
    You can love a person, as a divine human being who is on this earth to learn a lesson (s). I also think that I believe that if you don’t learn that lesson than you can come back again etc. I always felt that I would try to learn the lesson of love and compation so that I could move on to another situation.or lesson -ha

    Not loving someone gives them free rent in ones head. Not worth it.

    • Ken Hamilton February 12, 2017, 10:31 pm

      I agree with you on all accounts, Tal. My account of Evy MacDonald’s experience with love is in the earlier blog, http://hopehealing.org/healing-power-presence/ (yes, the very subject we look at here). It is not about my passion for hot fudge sundaes (I “like” them a whole heck of a lot.) Yes, I can –and do–love a person, even though their behavior might be horrid. That love gives me the power to tell that person about her/his behavior. Yes? Thanks.

  • Elaine G McGillicuddy February 13, 2017, 5:12 am

    Dear Ken,
    As I see it, you offer the key that opens the door, when you note that “we create a dynamic tension of opposites, which we know, today, is the only creative power possible. . . .(and, that this election) is not an accident. It is not anybody’s fault. It is, however, a great opportunity to experience the creative tension that makes the universe run.” Years ago when my wise friend Dana Sawyer invited me to read Alan Watts’ book entitled “The Book” I found Watts’ expose – which is very much like your analysis here – very convincing. We all know that when one party gets in power, the other one rallies and is energerized. But yes, now we have to do this – loving – in a way that is creative. As noted in the New Testament – “Perfect love casts out fear.” Thanks a lot, Ken! Our work is clear.

    • Ken Hamilton February 13, 2017, 5:02 pm

      Thank you, Elaine. Yes, our way is indeed clear… and it is revolutionary, is it not. (I love the root meaning of that word… something is, indeed, revolving.) I’m so pleased to know this and honored to be a part of it… with thee, old and dear friend.
      Incidentally, I ran across a printout of a 2011 interview of the historian, Peter Kingsley, Interview with with Peter Kingsley: Remembering What We Have Forgotten that you might be interested in. It concerns what Kingsley knows about the ancient Greeks as a result of a lifetime of devoted, passionate study. He’s talking about how we’ve been led away from the inner senses that reveal the truth. Should you be interested, I can email you the doc file of that interview. I’d consider it a favor if you’d read it. My question to you is (and all others who sense that love is the essence of this revolution): is he talking about what I sense is a “secret” that the women of this world are preserving for humanity’s thriving?

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