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Hamilton has used “guided imageries” (also called “guided visualizations” or “guided meditations”) in H.O.P.E. Group meetings since 1987 to help H.O.P.E. Group participants develop healing images in their subconscious. He has a soothing voice and an unshakable trust in the people he works with. The guided imageries we offer here are the product of these years of experience, using ideas that came up repeatedly in H.O.P.E. group meetings, and which are powerful healing metaphors. Each imagery lasts just over twenty minutes. They all have as background music the Extended Version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D performed by Daniel Kobialka because the music is a great induction into and maintenance of the state of mind needed for their maximum benefit.

Key Benefits:

Custom production is very simple:

  • The purchase of unwanted imageries is avoided.
  • Three guided imageries fit easily on one CD.
  • Each imagery addresses and develops a single healing metaphor—an image of change.
  • We use printable CDs on which we print an attractive image and the titles.

Cost of any one CD with:

  • One Guided Imagery: $9.95
  • Two Guided Imageries: $17.95
  • Three Guided Imageries: $24.95
  • Shipping and handling any one disk: $2.50.

Additional information:

  • The quality of each CD is unconditionally guaranteed, and faulty CD’s will be replaced at no charge upon receipt of the original in good condition. The mailing cost will be included with the replacement.
  • For more information about any of these Guided Imageries, please e-mail us at hopeheals ( at )

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A Bridge in TimeA Bridge in Time –This guided imagery of time travel gives you a bridge that extends out into the future so you can look at it and see evidence of what your gifts have meant to the world. It helps you become aware that where you are today points to that future, and if there is a difference between the two, one must change. It is a gift of important insight that all of us can use.

A Loving Personal InventoryA Loving Personal Inventory –This guided imagery gives you the opportunity to become aware of and list the resources that life in the form of your story and your DNA have given you to meet the challenges that life will present you with. It will give you the power to be able to see that both the unpleasant and pleasant aspects of your life’s experience are all part of a larger, meaningful, and valuable picture. It has been H.O.P.E’s experience that seeing a larger picture is a great stress management tool.

Autogenic RelaxationAutogenic Relaxation –A powerful biofeedback stress management tool based on the Deep Relaxation practice that has specific instructions to the autonomic nervous system that lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate. Comes with small skin temperature thermometer and instructions in its use in reducing symptoms of being “uptight”.

Deep RelaxationDeep Relaxation –A primary stress management tool for muscle relaxation based on breathing. It’s likely to help you get some needed sleep, and it ends with instructions to open your eyes and bring your attention, fully alert, back to the room (as do all of these guided imageries). In fact, people use this guided imagery in place of sleeping pills because the inner self overlooks the instruction to wake up until they actually are ready to “wake up”.

Energy's FlowEnergy’s Flow –A soothing, warm guidance that calls the life force from the spiritual realm above—gold—and from the physical Earth realm below—indigo. It brings the two together in the center of your body as colors that intertwine rather than blend. You fill your being with these two energies—masculine and feminine—and direct the flow of those two complementary energies to places that need healing… not only in your self, but in others.

Releasing Anger/Fear, Anger and LoveReleasing Anger/Fear, Anger and Love –Because anger is so powerful and (potentially) dangerous, this offering consists of two parts: the first is a 27–minute public lecture I’ve given about anger’s faults and benefits, and how to go from harm to help. I call it “Releasing Anger” because it is all about letting go of its dangerous, fear–based survival–nature and replacing it with the creative power of being able to “stand in the ground you cover”. This is a power of assertion and presence based on the appreciation that you have been promised that “ground” since the beginning of time… and so has everybody else. The second is a powerful, 22–minute peaceful and compassionate guided imagery. It consists of a powerful reframe of the two harmful attitudes of fear and anger into (beneficial) awareness and presence. You can listen to and use the talk while you drive; it keeps down the epidemic road rage virus. The deeper imagery, “Fear, Anger, and Love” that follows is for when you have 22 minutes in which to relax and come to learn how to become a powerful presence.

(Because together they take up nearly 50 minutes of a CD, we charge you for two guided imageries. Of course, this leaves room on the 80–minute CD for yet another guided imagery. Please be sure to put both titles in the box below “Which Imagery or Imageries?”)

Forgive Us Our IllusionsForgive Us Our Illusions –This is a simple guided imagery based completely on the beautiful prayer from A Course in Miracles (T16. VII. 12:1-7) that Jerry Jampolsky, M.D. introduced Hamilton to in 1986. It has been part of his daily morning ritual ever since, and has helped him come to appreciate the deep meaning of the word “forgive” and the concept of “illusions,” of which fear, anger, and guilt are the most limiting manifestations in our world today… each one of those three projects to a time or a place that is neither now nor here. This is a soft, gentle exploration of the healing that is possible when we come to forgive (“let go of”) our illusions.

ForgivenessForgiveness –Here, you will create a safe place, into which you can invite people from your past to help you recall your relationship to them that you can examine the nature of any attachments you have to them, be they beneficial or harmful. Here, in this safe place, an amphitheater on an island in a smooth flowing beautiful river connected to the shore by a drawbridge that you control, you will invite people in order for you to free yourself from any attachment that you may have to them. They are here that you may end these attachments – to forgive them; for “forgive” means “to let go of (give away) completely”. You will use the theater and its stage to “show and tell” these people facets of your story, changing costumes and masks as needed to help them get to know you better. You will show them the masks and costumes you wore in their presence back when. Onstage, you will remove these components of your “persona” so that they can get to know you as you really are – your True Self. In this way, you will replace attachments with compassionate relationships that simply accept the other and you for who you all really are – human beings promised these lives from the beginning of time by that which started the eternal clock ticking… and keeps it ticking today.

Goodbye to Nicotine, hello...!Goodbye to Nicotine, hello…! –This is a “stop-smoking talk” with some unique and perfectly true messages. It is instruction about the good feelings associated with smoking and how you can experience them without the smoke or the nicotine. It will teach you an “anchor,” a subtle gesture and movement that you can use in place of using tobacco. Hamilton has been doing this with patients for years!

Inner Strength in the O.R.Inner Strength in the O.R. –This CD is to be listened to both before, during, and after surgery. (Yes, you do hear at the subconscious level when you are anesthetized!) It comprises a gentle set of healing instructions that help in controlling blood loss and depth of relaxation. They empower you to be the center of love in the operating room. They flow into a lovely image of your self walking a beautiful beach and building powerful relationship with the Universe. If your anesthetist puts this on a continual loop, you will then return to being the center of love in the operating room. These two sets of images complement each other specifically; so we put no others on this CD that it can be played continuously during your surgery. We go so far as to encourage you to listen to it before your surgery so you have the comfort of familiarity. (If anything disturbs you in this listening we encourage you to tell us about it and do not use it during the time you are anesthetized.) With this reassurance, we can tell you that there have been no untoward reactions to its use under anesthetic, and please feel free to talk about it with your anesthetist/anesthesiologist. Encourage her/him to preview it.

Because it is two imageries, on the order page, please mark it as two and their titles are: Inner strength in the OR and Your Universal self, for which we ask $17.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

Navigating the Ocean of LifeNavigating the Ocean of Life –Consider that each one of us is both the navigator and the captain of your ship of life on the ocean of life. The soul is the captain who came on board the ship long before you were born, complete with the manifest, the ports of call, and the final destination. The ego is the navigator who knows all about the displacement of the ship and the power of its sails and engines. Clearly the two are meant to work together, and sometimes the ship runs up on a reef because the ego has a very hard time turning over the responsibilities to the soul. Sometimes, struggling to keep the ship afloat on storm–tossed sea ego cries out for help from a higher power, at which time the captain comes out of his quarters and announces its presence.

Putting Chemo to WorkPutting Chemo to Work –A relaxation and guided imagery to direct the flow of chemotherapy in your body to the place(s) it is needed, and directing its work once it gets there. Along with it comes the same Universal Self visualization that comes with the Inner Strength in the O.R. It is meant to be played while chemo is flowing. we sell these two together. Again, these two sets of images complement each other specifically; so we put no others on this CD, and we ask $17.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

The Breath is Like a WaveThe Breath is Like a Wave –The ocean of air, like the sea, connects us with all life on earth, past and present… and we heal. Here, I invite you to stand at the ocean’s shore and feel how the two oceans–water and air–connect you to everything in the world.

The First Christ MassThe First Christ Mass –Hamilton created this imagery of a life–long appreciation of the event of 2000 years ago that changed the world—the birth of the Nazarene that many of us celebrate on the twenty fifth of December every year. It was a pleasant experience that Hamilton is happy to share with people as a Christmas present. He will add it to a CD with either one or two guided imageries at no additional cost. If you want it alone on a CD, please be so kind as to cover the shipping and handling: $2.50.

The Path of HopeThe Path of Hope –In this exercise, Hamilton invites you to walk your path with hope, the time-honored attitude of finding meaning and purpose in life. The experience increases the likelihood that things that had no previous meaning can now begin to make sense.

The Path of LifeThe Path of Life –We’re all walking a path called Life. Examining this path helps examine in the light of truth those things that have brought you to the present. In the present you have the ability to make choices that lead you into a future of greater meaning and purpose.

The Power of PresenceThe Power of Presence –Our egos have the natural ability to scatter our thoughts all over the landscape of space and time. Shame, blame, guilt, and grief bind us to our past and the people, places, and things in it. Fear projects us to an unknown time—the future—and keeps us from living in the present moment. Anger moves us into a space that isn’t ours—a person, place, or thing “over there”. All of this ego work saps our energies and opens us to illness and injury… and it is all illusion that our egos believe is real, as all spiritual traditions tell us. Einstein said that every point in the universe is at its exact center. Health flows in when we learn to move ourselves through space and time to that exact center of “here” and “now” where illusions can not exist, causing them to lose their power over our souls that know both “here” and “now”. Moving to the center is H.O.P.E. work. It is not easy, but this guided imagery helps to clear the way to that truly remarkable place—the heart—the home of our soul.

The River of TimeThe River of Time –Time flows like a river, and flowing with it helps us to heal. We flow with this river to its quiet ocean, finding meaning as we do.

The Soul's HomeThe Soul’s Home –This is a companion to the guided imagery, Your Inner Guide. It takes the intimacy of the relationship to another level—the relationship of our spiritual nature to the timelessness of the present moment—the “now moment” and dwell more on the capacity of being present in that sacred moment to nurture compassion and forgiveness. It deepens the awareness of Teilhard de Chardin that “we are spiritual beings immersed in the human condition”.

The Tapestry of LifeThe Tapestry of Life –We weave the fabric of our lives on a wonderful loom. Our wounds have broken the long warp threads, leaving gaps in the tapestry. With the help of the child who knows the story behind a soul–fragmenting wound, we can replace broken threads. We meet this child and, with its help, heal our wounded souls… without having to revisit the wounding.

To See DifferentlyTo See Differently –There is a universe of possibility to be had when we let go of our fears and their misperceptions—our illusions. When we exercise our ability to see with compassionate love, fear and its illusions fade from our view.

Your Inner GuideYour Inner Guide –Our essence—our soul—is a loving, wise personal guide who has always known you, and who is always available to you for advice and counsel as you move through life. This essence lives in each of us in a set of rooms deep inside ourselves, and it is always willing to help us with our choices and questions. Here, we visit our soul in its home within ourselves.

23Your Universal Self –This rich image is a visit to a private, beautiful beach where you give yourself the experience of the Universal origins of your being. You then take these experiences into a sheltered place among the dunes where you create an image of a beautiful, three–dimensional, fully colored flower representing your heart—the center of love—in your being. In this way you find out who you really are and develop a growing sense of why you are here.