Blue SquareSoulCircling is a delightful, rich experience of discovering the answers to four vital “Soul Questions”:

1. Who are you?
2. Why are you here?
3. How are you going to get what you came for?
4. What are you going to do with it when you have it?

Green SquareSoulCircling is a one-day workshop that is covered in detail in the book, SoulCircling: The Journey to the Who,© 2002.

More SoulCircling information:

Life is the journey of a spiritual being, a soul—the Self—who comes into human, physical form to love and be loved….
Some souls also come to teach us how to love each other, either by their ability to love at the deepest level, or by their ability to do the greatest evil.
The journey of a soul heals old wounds…
or shows us that we have unhealed wounds, the ability to heal them over time, and exactly how to conduct the healing work.
A soul seeks love to replace the fear that lies behind those wounds….
A soul comes to acquire a specific personality and its secular director, the ego. Together, they create a once–told tale, a once–sung song, a once–danced dance—an experience that is a one–of–a–kind Universal work of art.
The ego is blind to the soul’s presence until it encounters an impasse in the road of life that it can not get past…
It is now in a crisis situation… and the soul knows how to get past the block. It should; it had a lot to do with setting up the crisis. It needs to let the ego find out who actually has the orders that captain the ship of life. The ego needs to learn that its work is to direct the personality—the body–mind that is the ship’s navigator—to follow the soul’s guiding. It usually takes quite a bit of surrender for this to work, but in this surrender, we heal.
When the ego discovers the true director of its existence, it remembers having met it before…
Memory is remarkable—it has the ability to go past society’s neglect of the soul in the growing human to find a person’s true Self. SoulCircling is a means to restore awareness of the spiritual director of every life—the soul (also called the High Self).
The Greek word for both soul and butterfly is Psyche! “SoulCircling” is a butterfly–soul–catching experience!

Green SquareSoulCircling helps us build a web of gossamer with which we can catch this wonderful, butterfly nature of ourselves. The butterfly is strong but fragile. So is the soul; so we need a net of love and compassion with which to catch it—a SoulCircle. Once caught, and if we ask it lovingly, it will tell us of its three great powers of endurance that go beyond death: life, light, and love.

SoulCircling helps you bring together your ego’s secular strengths and your soul’s spiritual power so you can better deal with life’s circumstances that may have met you like getting hit upside the head with a baseball bat. The ego—the Low Self—is wondrously well–equipped to serve the soul, and this discovery, coupled with bringing the ego and soul together, is a “Homecoming”.

Blue SquareThe SoulCircling experience can be deepened into a SoulCircling LifeCoach service. Ken Hamilton has been guiding people in the ways to success and meaning for over thirty years—long before the term “coaching” ever became popular. He brings his medical experience of working with diagnoses of illness and his experience with his studies of the human development work of the Nightingale-Conant Corporation of Niles, IL, to those who are looking for ways to get past blocks and other challenges in and to their lives. The experience is one of discovering the soul’s richly rewarding purpose in coming into human form. Contact Ken at for more information.

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