We have published a H.O.P.E. Newsletter for 20+ years. It is called RIPPLES the origins of which come from the Grateful Dead song, Ripple whose chorus, “Ripple in still water where there is no pebble tossed nor wind to blow” says exactly what we see in every human being… a precious, one–of–a–kind work of art.

We are committed to publishing quarterly, offering the reader commentaries and stories of and by anyone who would consider her– or him– self a friend and supporter of this healing work that began on February 12, 1987. Our devotion to health begins with learning that it is vital to health that we can at least begin to feel good about ourselves and move away from a tragic mindset that focuses on fear and all of its manifestations.

The current 2016 “Vernal Equinox” issue is an example of what I am talking about. The next issue is three months away at the Summer Solstice, and we have no idea what it will contain… and that is just what appeals to us; for it is open and transparent. In the meantime, we have our blog to contain thoughts that may come up as the result of what this issue is all about. You can read the .pdf file right here.

We do not charge for it. However, according to our belief in “value given for value received,” we would greatly appreciate any gift that helps us run our office. Thank you.

Download (PDF, 1.44MB)