A Contentious Election in Irrational Time

We are experiencing a contentious election in irrational time. I am a Depression Baby and I remember the contentious irrational behavior of the 1930s that led to a disastrous war. I am seeing much the same today, and I recognize a common pattern that goes back thousands of years. The only problem today is that wars can become nuclear, wiping ourselves off the face of the Earth. It would seem, too, that we are using other ways of wiping ourselves off the face of the Earth. What is going on? I strongly sense that we are being asked to evolve rapidly out of the industrial revolution into a time of creativity and service at a higher level than we have ever known, collectively.

Our brainstem emotions, fear, anger, and guilt, have always ruled us. We are being asked by our Source, in my opinion, to go higher in our brains to peace, happiness, and kindness. We do this through a mind process of “reframing” our thinking about ourselves as human beings. We reframe fear into awareness; anger into presence; and guilt into responsibility. They are all choices to get out of unreal states of projection and attachment: fear of the future; anger at something or someone other than me in a space that I have no right to be in; and guilt about my mistakes of yesterday. In short, I am asking myself – and all of you – to BE HERE NOW.

I, a physician, adhere to the fundamental precept of bioethics that persisted through my medical education and shaped my life irrevocably: “Primum non nocere,” an ancient phrase that translates into: “first, do no harm.” A decade ago I heard Pema Chödrön add, “do some good; benefit someone.” About this time, I learned the practice of “reframing” that meant “look into the challenge and give it the appearance of benefit.”

Consider then that like all revolutions, the industrial revolution is coming to an end and that this current chaotic state is necessary to reframe core emotions that have been in our nature since forever, and which now evolve into mental, emotional, and physical states of peace, creativity, compassion, and kindness… regardless of the contentiousness that fills our airwaves today, I am going to pay attention to the occasions that Life gives me to help someone in need… a need that I have an experience which can be of benefit to another human being. I invite you to join me in working on this as a choice… consider now whether it be wonderfully easy or wonderfully difficult. Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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