Changing the Cost of Resistance

I’ve just read ‘The Cost of Resistance’ at Now I would ask you to consider changing the cost of resistance.

“The Cost of Resistance” is a brave article by Chris Hedges that speaks my mind as to the vital need to resist the forces of moral and intellectual corruption that gain power every day, it seems. However, I would offer a basic change in that cost….

Overcoming Bored to Tears by Factual History

I was bored to tears by the courses in history I was required to take and pass in order to move toward an ever “higher” level of education – the one that would get me into medical school to be able to serve according to the song in my heart. They contained list after list of uninteresting facts.

Little did I suspect that one of the greatest assets of medicine would be found in listening to a patient’s own narrative of her/his own life – it was the “why” of how s-he got to me for my medical/surgical services. In the words of an associate professor clinician, the “why” was to be explored in order to find the meaning of the clinical “who,” “what,” “when,” and “where” of taking a medical history that led us to the “how,“ the answer that medical school education gave us.

The Power of Listening

As I became aware of the power of listening to the story (s) of humanity’s struggles to “be,” I became a lover of history! “His”tory became “Her”story and they became “Our”story. Then the “Why” of our very existence began to come clear, defying the need for resistance to a mindset that must be laid to rest – the mindset that we are nothing but an accident of matter, and that evolution is simply an accident of “survival of the fittest”.

That which throws all such thinking into the trash bucket is the knowledge we now have of two vitally important phenomena: our Universe began some 13.72 billion years ago as a point of light–energy that was both physical and non-physical! And… its evolution had to satisfy the five questions that I’d been taught in medical school. I repeat them for your consideration, offering you a response to each:

    Who? One Source – call It what you will.
    What? Conscious Space-time.
    When? 13.72± billion years ago.
    Where? Contained completely within itself, continuously evolving.
    Why? The answer comes from Dante Alighieri’s appreciation of the One Commandment: “BE”… and its echo that comes from the farthest reaches of the Universe: “I AM” ….

The Answers… My Resistance to Evil

The answers to these great questions comprise the nature of my “Resistance” to the forces of the untrammeled human ego that threaten to ultimately destroy this wonderful world, the living gift from Life, itself, the sole Source of all that is. Keep in mind in your resistance that Life continuously invites us to find out Its “How”.

I leave you with this that you may join me in resisting forces of the untrammeled ego by not so much a “pushback” as an invitation… to peace… to compassion… to creativity… to LOVE.

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