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A H.O.P.E. Group is a safe place in which we come together to find wellness by sharing our story and listening with open heart and mind to the other stories in the room. In our H.O.P.E. Groups we learn the practice of compassion and the release of suffering—the engine of forgiving. Join us at one of our five locations in Maine to see for yourself what a difference a H.O.P.E. Group can make.

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…where you find out who you really are… where we know that at the core of our being all humans strive to be healthy and whole—a process called healing; all of us are persons; and because no two of us are alike, we are all exceptions to each other…. Moreover, an intense, indomitable curiosity about life, health, and our spirituality has brought us to see that we are alive because the whole marvelous Universe is alive, and It’s not in the business of repeating Itself… we are, as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin told Jean Houston just before he died in 1955, “spiritual beings immersed in the human condition!”

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Are H.O.P.E. Groups “therapy” groups?

Are H.O.P.E. Groups “therapy” groups? This is a question that has come up in various ways over time, and my answer has always been, “Not in the conventional ways of looking at ‘therapy’ which implies the treatment of a disease condition by a professional, especially when one considers that the ancient Greco-Roman meaning of the word is ‘healing’ or ‘curing'”. [click to continue…]

When is a H.O.P.E. Group not a H.O.P.E. Group?

When is a HOPE Group not a HOPE Group?

Simply put: when it is not a safe place in which to share your story and your concerns… to be who you really are. Has this ever happened? Sadly, yes, but rarely… to the best of my knowledge, less than ten times in a total of over 6000 H.O.P.E. Group meetings. And because it has happened, I publish this blog post to help you recognize danger and how to respond to it. I am very healthy because of H.O.P.E. and H.O.P.E. Groups, as are hundreds of other human beings, and it is my desire to share this rich experience with you. [click to continue…]

Our 17th Century Soul Loss: Metamorphosis 1


Here, in the first of two blogs on metamorphosis, I explore the nature of our collective soul loss resulting from the thoughts and actions of the philosophers of the 17th century Age of Reason. It resulted in a spiritual disconnect that delayed our spiritual evolution—a metamorphosis—by four hundred years… and we are today recovering from our soul loss. [click to continue…]

Recovering Our Soul: Metamorphosis 2


In Metamorphosis 1, I introduced you to parallels between the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly and the metamorphosis of the human ego into the soul… a great change going on as we speak. We are, indeed, in the process of recovering our soul. We are encasing ourselves in a chrysalis of fear while we disassemble old ego-based thought forms and reassemble them in new, soul–based, thought forms… recovering our soul(s) individually and collectively. I would like to further compare caterpillar and human, introducing you to other human beings with similar insight. I am not about to claim this insight as something uniquely mine, and I am of a mind to be aware that this metamorphosis is something that is fundamental to our conscious evolution. [click to continue…]

Sombrero Galaxy

Sombrero Galaxy

and aren’t you going to be surprised when you find out what that “something” is that I know about you that you never knew I knew!

Here it is: You and I have been promised our lives since the beginning of time! [click to continue…]

The beacon that lights our way home…

I love the Portland Head Light. Back in ’87 as I was getting going on this, I had met Bernie Siegel and had worked with him in his Psychology of Illness and Art of Healing workshops. I told him that we’d figured out a working phrase for the acronym, H.O.P.E. (He’d tried, but couldn’t figure it out.) He threw me a backhanded compliment, and in response to my request for a slogan, he replied, “Hope is a beacon that lights the way from your probabilities to your possibilities.” I wasn’t fully comfortable with that one, and I brought it up at a planning meeting that September, where it got modified to, “Hope is a beacon that lights the way through your problems to your possibilities.” Is there a place for that slogan somewhere on the Home page? [click to continue…]